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Where to eat in Istanbul?

First of all, you should know that the Turkish cuisine is delicious ! You will have to try a traditional kebab, pide, lamacum, kokorec, sulu yemek, baklhava and special sweets… Here, you forget your diet for once !
Breakfast is the highlight of my day, which is why I particularly like to find the right spots to start the day on the right foot.
Breakfast places
-Near the Galata tower, there is this bakery, Sirin, selling great breads filled with spinach or cheese or with dill, my favourite ones.
-I love Arada in the same area : huge plate of diverse specialities with Lebanese trend.
– Privato Café also near Galata: this place is famous for its natural products, its very varied and local choices. Plan a reservation for the weekend : +90 532 763 56 70
– Bazlama in Nisantasi: My favorite canteen to eat gozleme, a kind of fine typical pancake, in addition to tasting their homemade jams and their beautiful choice of cheese. Besides, the place is adorable. On weekends or during the holidays, plan a reservation.
Looking for a view on the Bosphorus to start the day ? I recommand La Mangerie at Bebek. Plan to arrive early because there is no booking and it is a very busy place. The breakfast menu is more like trendy stuff but delicious.
In case you can’t find a good table at la Mangerie, there is the famous Sütis next door. Traditional high standard Turkish breakfast !
Lunch places in Istanbul
In Nisantasi area : Kruton for a great lunch based on a large choice of warm dishes. But for more cold plates like salad bowls, go for Healin.
At Kruton, you will find Sule Yemek, confort and healthy food
 Near Galata, you have Galata Kitchen with same kind of simmered dishes but much cheaper price.
 Another option is to visit the Museum Sabanci located at Sariyer and book a table for lunch
MSA’s : +90 212 323 30 30
Less posh, have a tasteful fish durum in Karaköy at Super Mario’s place!
Diner in Istanbul
Here is the list of my favorite restaurants in Istanbul
Sunset Grill & Bar : The MUST DO restaurant at night. Booking in advance (a table outisde) is absolutely mandatory ! Perfect dining with friends or lover. Dress code : no short – t-shirt & co. Kids under 8 not allowed. –
Ulus 29 : a posh but amazing restaurant. Spectacular view, top quality food. You can just have a drink there. Any way, plan to book far in advance especially for weekend : +90 212 358 29 29
Hamdi in Eminönü area : a classique one for traditional turkish food. Make sure you have a reservation at the terrasse of the 3rd floor so you will enjoy the Golden Horn view.
Grey in Nisantasi : Trendy place, perfect after a shopping session in this area.
YirmiBir near Galata for turkish style grilled meat.
Nusr-Et, for matured beef lovers! They even prepare the tartare in front of you from a piece of minced meat with a knife, a delight! They have several locations. Plan a reservation!
Can’t do whitout an italian ? Here is THE place : Pap’s, taste their Alio e Olio! And their wines are great too… Located in Karaköy.
For a tasty but very simple experience : try a kokorec by Ozie.
Kokoreç is … Do I have to explain ? Not sure but … If I say lamb intestine, will you fall apart and disappear ?
Ok, less adventurous, try a Kebab döner or a lamacum (Turkish pizza, very thin) or simply buy a Smit in the street (a roll covered with sesame seeds) that you can snack on with a glass of ayran, this liquid yogurt a little salty, refreshing and healthy.
If you are a fan of candy, you will not miss a stopover at a baklavaci. You probably know these oriental desserts made of brick leaves covered with honey and pistachios or almonds. When they are well made and fresh, it is a killing… for the butt
The more adventurous can try the tavuk goze, a pudding made from….chicken breast! It sounds strange but, you’ll see it’s delicious for anyone who doesn’t stop at the idea of chicken for dessert.
Turkish ice creams are generally nice for children because the ice-cream maker always makes a show in front of his excited little audience.

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